A board certified Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine specialist, Dr. Jacobson is the director of Pediatric Metabolic Medicine with ProHEALTH Care Associates. His practice focuses on nutrition and physical activity of children and adolescents from families with early heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

He was formerly full time attending physician in the Pediatrics Department at Cohen Children's Medical Center of NSLIJ and Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology (Nutrition) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has specialized in health promotion and heart disease prevention since 1985.

Appointments  (516) 304-3950

You will be asked to provide this information on the child, teen, or young adult:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Health Insurance information
  3. Referring Doctor's name (the child or teen's primary doctor)

Please bring a copy of the cholesterol or other tests done.
(You can also FAX a copy of these results to (516) 622-6045 - but bring a copy just in case)


exlamation  Beginning Thursday, August 16th 2018, Doctor Jacobson's Thursday hours from 1-6pm will be in the Franklin Square Office (see below). He will no longer be available in West Islip.
Call (516) 304-3950 for appointments and questions.

Main Office

ProHEALTH Plaza complex
2 ProHealth Plaza - ProHealth Pediatrics, 2nd floor Suite 201
New Hyde Park, NY

Appointments: (516) 304-3950

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Other Offices

ProHEALTH Plaza complex
1 ProHealth Plaza, 1st floor Pediatrics
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Local phone (516) 627-7337

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ProHealth, Thursdays
340 Dogwood Ave
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Medical Component

  • Initial comprehensive medical and laboratory evaluation to assess physical and emotional ability to participate in the program. The entire family is encouraged to attend the consultation and may be asked provide support at home by modifying the family's eating and exercise habits.
  • Regular follow-up with Dr. Jacobson personally from weekly to monthly is prescribed depending on the needs of the individual.

Nutritional Component

  • Individualized nutrition evaluation and ongoing consultation is provided at each follow-up visit to include high protein and low carbohydrate meal plans. These delicious meal plans give the patient the opportunity to enjoy some foods often restricted in conventional diets. The choices are based on analysis of food records kept by the child and family.
  • Educational materials

Fitness Component

  • Individualized exercise plan designed to include aerobic activities and strength training according to the patient's abilities and needs.

About The Practice

Services that Dr. Jacobson specializes in:

  • Treatment for children, adolescents and young adults with High Cholesterol, Overweight, Obesity, PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome. Treatment includes evaluation of family history, diet and physical activity and medical conditions. image of Top Doctors 15 yr plaque
    Healthy food choices and physical activity are the cornerstone of treatment. Supplements and medication are prescribed in a stepwise fashion depend on the results of the primary treatment.
  • Evaluation of children with a parent with an early Heart Attack, Stroke or other cardiovascular disease.
  • Evaluation and treatment focused on prevention of heart disease
  • Enrollment of appropriate patients in clinical trials of newer treatments as they become available. Dr Jacobson has been a lead investigator in 10 clinical trials of diet and/or medication for high cholesterol and obesity.


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